The Company


CLR Srl   Problem solving in electro-chemical analysis
CLR has been established in 1986 by the two present owners, who already had a long term experience in designing and manufacturing sensors and instruments for electrochemical analysis.
CLR began as the only italian manufacturer of pH electrodes, and has nowadays widened its product range to many different equipment for electrochemical analysis.
CLR actually focuses on the design and manufacture of electrodes, sensors and instruments for the measure and control of electro-chemical parametrs such as (but non only) pH, ORP, Conductivity, Oxygen, Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Peracetic Acid, Ozone, Sulphites, Metabisulphites, Turbidity.
On 1999  we also  begun designing and building VOC emission test chambers, always according to customer specifications and to international standards defining required characteristics for chambers and tests.

All the equipment is produced inside our facility in Rodano Millepini, Milan, Italy, so that we can directly control the quality of our items all along the manufacturing process up to the end-product.
The deep knowledge of our products and of their application, developed along years of direct co-operation with our customers, allows us to find answers to the most complex application needs, even when customized solutions are required. Not only we can suggest the best choice among our product range, but also we can design and manufacture dedicated electrodes, sensors and sensor fittings, suitable to solve the most of the application problems of our customers.
The section 'Customized products' shows some example of the products we have developed and manufactured to solve some specific application needs.
We are customer oriented and we usually give pre- and post-sale customer support; our engineers and salesmen always analyse with the customer its process requirements in order to find with him the best solution for his application needs.
CLR Quality Management System is certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.