Product lines

Linea Acquamaster-346

Multiparametric probe designed to measure the most important parameters of water, suitable for continuous monitoring of wells, basins etc.
The multiparametric analyser acts as a data logger and can remotely transmit recorded values so allowing a remote control even in locations that are really difficult to reach.
The probe body is made of stainless steel so allowing the installation in sea water and in waste water.
The probe is suitable for deep immersion.
The data logger (portable in Mod.345, and for fixed installation in Mod.346) is installed into an IP65 protection degree housing and includes rechargeable batteries.
A radiofrequency transmitter or a GSM modem are optionally available for remote data retransmission.
In case there is no power supply available at the point of installation the optional photovoltaic kit allows long term autonomy to rechargeable batteries.
A dedicated software allows to contemporarily control many monitoring stations.
The data, recorded in real time or at preset intervals, can be downloaded on disk or on PC to be managed.