Product lines

Linea Portatili

Portable instruments for the measure of pH, ORP, DO, O2, conductivity

Portable instruments for the measure of pH, ORP, ISE, conductivity and  temperature. These are rugged instruments, suitable for direct use in field, and are supplied c/w batteries, carring case, sensors (on request) and calibration solutions.

A new portable instruments line has been recently developed: it includes portable DO meter, portable meter for oxygen in air and portable sludge interface level meter.  Refer to Series HANDY.

The main features of these instruments:
. microprocessor based electronic units
. they accept the input from the sensor for the specific parameter and from the temperature sensor
. automatic temperature compensation
. programmable reference temperature
. self-calibration capability
. various measuring ranges
. local indication of measured parameter and of sample temperature
. operator interface:  display and membrane keypad
. easy to use driven menu
. they are supplied c/w carrying case
. the long life batteries allow long operation life