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Linea pH Sb

Measure of pH with Antimony sensors

We developed a line of pH analysers with antimony electrodes for the measure of pH in fluids containing hydrofluoric acid, abrasive or very fouling substances, where glass electrodes cannot be used.
Antimony sensors are available for immersion installation, though-flow installation and for direct insertion in closed pipelines even with high-temperature and high-pressure conditions.

pH analysers with antimony electrodes greatly improve the quality of the measure while decresing operating costs of the measuring chain in the medium operating period.
Owing to the corrosion of  the glass membrane, standard glass electrodes have a short physical life when used in liquids containing fluorides or hydrofluoric acid.  
In these application the best solution both from the technical and economic standpoint is the pH analyser with antimony electrodes, which are metallic and  not subject to the corrosion by hydrofluoric acid.
pH sensors with antimony electrodes are also the best choice  in the neutralization process using calcium hydroxide,  where they assure a reliability and a durability not found with other sensors.  The dosage of calcium hydroxide means presence of fouling and abrasive suspended solids, that shortly cause severe scaling and even failure of standard glass pH electrodes.   

The most interesting applications of these sensors are in sugar mills and in soap factories.
We can supply process instrument suitable for panel mounting and for in-field installation (IP65 protection degree):
among  these, the uP transmitter-indicator-controller  is available in two versions: the complete version uP and the light version uPLT.

Main features for both units:
. local indication of measured parameter and process temperature,
. temperature compensation of the measure through dedicated algorithms,
. isolated 4-20 mA output (not available in the uPLT version),
. 4 programmable digital control outputs (2 for the uPLT version),
. self diagnostic and sensor diagnostic functionality,
. capability to drive the cleaning sequence for the sensor.
. freely programmable linearization curves

In the same family the PID controller, suitable for panel mounting and for in-field installation (IP65 protection degree), has the same features of the uP transmitter, and additionally allows PID process control either through contact control output or analog control output.
The line now includes a transmitter-controller with RS485 serial interface and MODBUS RTU communication protocol, Mod.TX  and the Transmitter Indicator Controller c/w local keyboard and diplay Mod.TX-HMI.
Main features for these units:
. display indication of both analysis and temperature values (TX-HMI)
. automatic thermo compensation of the measure via software through specific algorithms
. RS 485 serial interface with MODBUS RTU communication protocol
. 2 analog output 4-20 mA for measure and tempertaure
. 2 digital outputs from relay, programmable
. 2 digital inputs, programmable
. remote calibration capability
. isolated 24 Vdc power supply; 24 Vac power supply
. suitable for rear panel mounting (DIN bar)  and for outdoor installation (IP 65 protection degree)
. freely programmable linearization curves