Sb0C -gb

pH Sensors with antimony Sb electrodes


Immersion pH probe, Sb electrodes,

Mod.Sb0C probes are designed for all those processes where glass pH electrodes would not be suitable, for example in fluids containing abrasive or fouling substances and in processes with high concentration of hydrofluoric or phosphoric acid.
These probes are made of PVDF with diameter 60 mm body, standard length 1000 mm (other on request).
The body can be completely filled with electrolyte solution in which the miniaturized, sealed reference electrode is immersed.
The lower part of the probe houses the ring shaped Antimony sensor, the brush and the synthetic diaphragm.
The probe can be wall mounted or fixed to the edges of the basins by means of a sliding flange, DN32.
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Antimony (Sb) pH sensors are suitable for difficult applications as: the measure and control of pH in sugar production (e.g. the  pH control during carbonatation reaction); the measure and control of pH in the production of soap; control  of pH in soap processing; pH measure and control in samples containing hydrofluoric acid; pH measure and control in samples containing phosphoric acid;  pH analysis in fouling or abrasive samples; pH measure in presence of calcium hydroxide (limewater); measure of pH in sewage treatment plants; measure of pH in sludges and slurry; treatment of processing water in food industry; measure of lime in dairy industry.