TX-HMI -gb

Instruments for reducing substances, solfites, metabisulphites, SO2 etc.


Transmitter Indicator Controller for reducing substances, local indication and serial interface, Mod.TX-HMI

Electronic units for the measure and control of electro-chemical parameters with serial interface and MODBUS communication protocol.   Programmable instruments that receive the input from different sensors for electro-chemical analysis and from pertinent temperature sensors. Configuration is easily operated locally through display and keyboard, and remotely through PC or PLC via serial interface, with a flexible software included in the supply.
The electronic unit can be directly connected the sensor of sulfites, metabisulfites, sulphur dioxide and to the pertinent temperature sensing element. The measure is compensated for temperature variations, according to dedicated algorithms specific for each parameter and displayed in engineering units.
The instrument supplies to the cell the  polarization voltage required to make it selective to the specific oxidising substance to be measured.
The electronic unit includes two 4-20 mA analog outputs (measure and temperature retransmission), two  digital outputs from relay (alarms on measure and/or temperature).  Two digital inputs are available for automatic remote calibration or for measure hold and external alarm acquistion.
RS 485 serial interface with MODBUS RTU communication protocol.
The instrument is suitable for rear panel mounting, DIN bar.  It is also available in an IP65 houding suitable for outdoor installation.