401C -gb

Conductivity measuring cells


Hollow body conductivity cell, graphite electrodes, Mod.401C

Hollow conductivity sensors for industrial applications, suitable for direct installation in pipelines. These cells have PVDF body and graphite electrodes and are available with two cell constants.
401C2x0C0Y0x K = 0.1 cm (measuring range 0-200 mS)
401C1x0C0Y0x K = 0.01cm (measuring range 0-2000 mS)
The cells include an integral temperature sensor, Pt100 or other according to selected order code for measurement thermocompensation and temperature indication.
Process connection is threaded, ¼' F.
The cells are designed to be directly inserted into pressurized pipelines and can withstand temperatures up to 110 °C and pressures up to 6 bar @ 20°C (atmospheric pressure at 110°C) (according to selected electrodes insulation)
The 4 poles connector for the cable is integral to the cell.  The cable is separately supplied.
Operating temperature limits according to electrodes insulating material: -20-110 °C (PVDF);   -20-120 °C  (PTFE and PSU);   0- 70°C (PP);    0- 50°C (PVC)  
Operating pressure limits: max 6 bar @ 20 °C, atmospheric @ 110 °C