401D and 401H -gb

Conductivity measuring cells


Conductivity cells for industrial application,
Mod.401D, Mod.401H

Mod.401D and 401H are conductivity sensor for industrial applications, suitable for direct installation in pressurized pipelines and tanks.
These cells can withstand temperatures up to 120°C with pressures up to 6 bar and up to 12 bar at ambient temperature (Mod.401D) and temperatures up to 130°C with pressures up to 16 bar (at 130°C) (Mod.401H).
401D sensors are made of AISI 316 Stainless Steel and PSU, with AISI 316 electrodes, 401H sensors are made of AISI 316 Stainless Steel with AISI 316 electrodes; both models are available with 2 different cell constants:
401(D or H)6 K = 100 cm (measuring range 0.04-20 uS)
401(D or H)5 K = 10 cm (measuring range 0-1000 uS)
All the cells include an integral temperature sensor, Pt100 or other to be selected in the order code, for measurement thermocompensation and temperature indication.
The cable is separately  supplied with water tight 4 pole connector.
Process connection is threaded, ½' NPT (other on request) and the cells are designed to be directly inserted into pressurized pipelines or tanks.
Operating temperature limits 401D: -20-120 °C
Operating pressure limits 401D: max 6 bar @ 120 °C, 12 bar @ 20 °C
Operating temperature limits 401H: -20-130 °C
Operating pressure limits 401H: max 16 bar @ 130 °C