401I and 401G -gb

Conductivity measuring cells


Stopper type conductivity cells,
Mod.401I and Mod.401G

Conductivity sensors of extremely simple and functional design, suitable to be installed in closed pipelines or vessels with pressures up to 5 bar.
They are avilable with different types of threaded connections and their body is designed to allow installation just screwing them into the process by hand.
The cell body, available in  glass fiber filled PP (PP 30% GF) or PVDF (up to the end of stock), has a lower threaded section (⅜', ½', ¾' GAS according to selected code) for direct process connection and an upper knurled head that allows to screw the cell in its position by hand.
The electrodes are available in stainless steel AISI 316 (Mod.401I) and in graphite (Mod.401G); 4 different cell constants are available:
401I3 K = 1 cm (measuing range 0-1000 uS)
401I4 K = 5 cm (measuring range 2-100 uS)
401I5 K = 10 cm (measuring range 2-100 uS)
401G3 K = 1 cm (measuring range 0-5000 uS)
401G4 K = 5 cm (measuring range 2-100 uS)
401G5 K = 10 cm (measuring range 2-100 uS)
The cell can be supplied c/w integral temperature sensor, Pt100 and other upon request, to be selected in the order code,  for automatic thermocompensation.
The cell has integral cable for electronic unit connection, 5 m length.
Thank to construction design this cell is extremely easy to install.
Operating temp. limits:  PP 30% GF 5-100 °C, PVDF 0-110 °C
Operating pressure limits: max.5 bar