401L and 401M -gb

Conductivity measuring cells


Platinum/glass conductivity cells, Mod.401L and Mod.401M

Conductivity sensors with glass body and platinized platinum electrodes, various cell constants:
401L1: K = 0.01 cm (measuring range 20-2000 mS),
401L2: K = 0.1 cm (measuring range 2000-500000 uS),
401L3: K = 1 cm (measuring range 0-20000 uS) e
401L5: K = 10 cm (measuring range 0-1000 uS)
401M7: K = 1 cm, measuring range 0-200000 uS ;  three annular electrodes, platinized platinum; these cells assure high linearity in the whole measuring range.

All these cells can be supplied c/w integral temperature sensor, Pt100 or other on request, to be selected in the order code,  for temperature indication and measure thermocompensation.
The cable can be either integral to the cell or with screw connector (only when the temperature sensor is not included), the cable can mount a wide range of connectors for the electronic units.
These cells can be used in all standard laboratory applications; they can also be installed into immersion fittings and in through flow cells  are therefore suitable for industrial use in immersion and through flow applications.
All these cells can be directly installed  into closed pipelines through the Mod.SI16 sensor fitting.