SI/AP-CH -gb

Accessories for installation of DO sensors


Chemical cleaning system for 332/I, 

Chemical cleaning system designed for the installation on DO immersion probes 42 mm diameter and, with a specific adapter, installation on immersion probes 32 mm diameter.
The system is made of PP and includes a nozzle, located under the sensor, that sprays the cleaning solution (water or water with a specific detergent) in order to achieve hydraulic and chemical cleaning of the sensor itself.
Mod.SI/AP-CH also includes the hose adapter for the connection to the tubing for cleaning solution.
The cleaning solution may be supplied by a solenoid valve or through a dosing pump.
In both cases the Mod.uP electronic unit can drive the cleaning sequence and actuate either the solenoid valve or the pump through a relay.
Connection to the cleaning solution: hose adapter (for polyethilene flexible hose)
Max. feeding pressure: 4 bar