HD2205 -gb

Bench top pH meter


Bench top pH meter Mod HD2205

The HD2205.2 is a bench top instruments for electrochemical measures: pH and temperature. It is fitted with a large backlighted LCD display. The HD2205.2 is equipped with two BNC inputs for the measurement of pH, mV, redox potential (ORP) with pH or ORP electrodes, or electrodes with separate reference, and one input for combined pH/temperature probes fitted with SICRAM module. All models are fitted with input for the measurement of temperature with Pt100 or Pt1000 temperature sensor. The temperature probes are equipped with an automatic recognition module and factory calibration data are stored inside.
The pH electrode calibration can be carried out on one or five points and the calibration sequence can be chosen from a list of 13 buffers.
The instruments HD2205.2 is a datalogger, it can memorize up to 2000 samples of data of pH, mV and temperature. The data can be transferred from the instrument connected to a PC via the multi-standard RS232C serial port and USB 2.0. The storing parameters can be configured using the menu.