PT-S-018 -gb

Sensor for high T and high S= content applications


Temperature sensor for high poisoning , hot samples, PT-S-018

Sensors designed to work at high temperatures (up to 120 °C, included signal cables) and in  samples with peculiar characteristics, among which a high sulphides content.  These sesnors have been designed on customer's specifications and are to be inserted into his own sensor fittings.
Temperature sensor, Mod.Pt/S-018
Pt100 sensor included into an  AISI 316L sheath,  Viton O-Ring seals 
Three single pole signal cables (one is for the compensation of cable resistance) not shielded,  PTFE sheath
Measuring range: -20- +150 °C
Materials at contact: AISI 316L, Viton O-Rings