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Vincent’s Bioelectronics is the science that, through the analysis of the electrochemical characteristics of the 3 main human body fluids, blood, saliva and urine, determines the condition of well-being of the “Cellular Terrain”, that is the environment in which are embedded all cells in our body. 

From the goodness of this “Terrain” depends the health of cells living in it, and finally the person wellness as well.

Cells live and breathe exchanging nutrients with the environment in which they are immersed. If it is clean and energy-balanced, they will have an efficient nutrient delivery, good vitality and a remarkable ability to regenerate and heal themself.

On the other side, an unbalanced environment, oxidized, full of toxins and electrochemically unbalanced, will cause a progressive cells weakening until chronic disorders and more or less serious dysfunctions.

This technique is very simple, fast and extremely reliable at the same time, placing the Vincent’s Bioelectronics in the area of wellness and pre-clinical medicine.

If Traditional Medicine is particularly concerned with the study of structural and chemical analysis and biological samples, Bioelectronics target his studies towards specifically electrical, electromagnetic and energetic factors, proposing itself as a tool with different action area from other already known methods, but often complementary to them.

The main application of Vincent’s Bioelectronics aims the determine the health of environment in which human body cells are immersed and live in, in order to assess and correct any imbalances through diet or intake of some useful and effective supplements.

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