VOC Test Chamber System 14

VOC Emission Test Chambers 13_14_15

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Centrocot e BBRI 636 534

System 14:   4 independent test chambers, with 250 L volume each; control of relative humidity and temperature of the carrier gas sent into the 4 chambers to fixed values; filtration group on the inlet air; the 4 test chambers are heated and thermally isolated; air purge system in each chamber; vent system in each chamber

This system has been developed for the same important Belgian Centre active in scientific and technical research, in supplying technical information, assistance and consultancy in the constructioon sector.

Main technical features

4 independent test chambers, with 250 L volume each

air filtration group on the inlet purified air

measure of T and RH in the distribution chamber

control of relative humidity of the carrier gas sent into the 4 chambers to a fixed value 50%RH ±5%RH

control of temperature of the carrier gas sent into the 4 chambers to a fixed value 23°C ±2°C

measure and recording of flowrate, temperature, relative humidity, air velocity in each chamber

separate air flowrate control capability on each test chamber, massic flowmeters, nominal flowrate range:
0 ÷300 NL/h, accuracy ±1% F.S.

separate air velocity control for each test chamber, 0,1 ÷0,3 m/sec, controlled by PLC through the fan rotation speed

separate and independent temperature control in the 4 test chambers; control range 23°C÷50°C ±2°C; all
the chambers are independently thermally isolated

Vent system on each test chamber including 1 stub, a flexible hose and a manual interception valve; the 8 vent hoses are fitted into a single hose connection on the rear of the system

Air purge system in all the test chambers. The air purge is completely automatic in chamber 1, driven by the PLC through a 1000 nL/h massic flowmeter; the air purge in chembers 2, 3 and 4 is manual, through interception valve and factory preset flow adjusting valve on each chamber.

PLC and touch screen PC on board

System overall dimensions: 1866 (H) x 2200 (W) x 777 (D) mm

Test chambers: electrochemically polished stainless steel, anodized aluminium blind ports,
inner dimensions 600 (H) x 600 (W) x 700 (D) mm inner volume approx. 250 L

Carrier air filtration system: 4 filters, installed in series

Connections for sample withdrawal: 4 sampling stubs on each port, 6 mm external diameter, 5 mm internal diameter, suitable as flexible hose connection, with adjustable insertion depth