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DO analyser for oenology


Dissolved Oxygen Analyser for oenology Mod.ENO

Designed for dissolved oxygen measurements in oenology, directly operated into fermentation tuns and refining tuns, this analyser is composed of an immersion probe, an electronic unit and a connecting cable.
The immersion probe includes a polarographic measuring system, made of Pt-Ag electrodes immersed in a specific electrolyte solution and  separated from the process fluid by a PTFE membrane permeable to gasseous oxygen.  The electrodes dimensions and the membrane characteristics have been defined in order to obtain  a very good sensitivity and  short response time (approximately 60 seconds) even at typical D.O. concentrations encountered in oenology (few ppb).
The probe is made of PVDF and is very sturdy;  the cable is sealed into the probe and cable outlet is from watertight cable gland: so forth the probe can be immersed down to 5 m; the special reinforced cable-to-probe connection assures great  protection against all possible mechanical stresses due to immersion and lifting of the probe operated using the cable.  For this purpose the polyurethane cable, lenght 6 meters,  is internally Kevlar reinforced.
The portable, microprocessor based, electronic unit is very sturdy and  handy, has a wide, good visibility, OLED display and a watertight membrane keypad.  The instrument receives D.O. and temperature signal from the probe, operates the temperature compensation of the measure and displays D.O. value  and sample temperature.
Power supply is from rechargeable battery,  8,4 V, 170 mA/h (average autonomy is 1h 15min with lit display). The instrument accepts a 12 VDC auxiliary power supply (rear connector) that is also used to charge the battery.
The analyser is supplied c/w a properly dimensioned  carrying case  with waist belt including  fixing strips for the probe and for the cable.   This system leaves the operator hands free while he moves to reach the measuring position.  The electronic unit can be used directly indide the case so that during measures  it is fixed on the operator waist belt.
Measuring range  is 0-20,000 ppm with 1 ppb  resolution and  ± 5 ppb accuracy
Operating temperature limits are 5 to 50 °C, with relative humidity 0-90% non condensing; operating pressure limits up to 6 bar
The weight of probe with integral cable is approx 600 g; the electronic unit weights approx.  350 g; probe dimensions are 42 mm diameter, 240 mm length;  electronic unit: 48x96x100 mm;
The analyser is factory calibrated.   Before each the use connect the probe and operate a calibration.  The instrument includes a dual point calibration procedure, zero point is calibrated in the zero calibration solution supplied with the analyser while the span is very easily calibrated in air.
Membrane and electrolyte replacement is simple and does not require any specific skill.

This DO meter for oenology applications is used for the measure of Dissolved oxygen in wine and must, e.g.  for the Oxygen analysis in ageing barrel, in refining tunes, during the fermentation of  wine,  for the analysis of the oxidation of wine components, to control Wine degradation process.