VOC emission test chambers Automotive applications

VOC emission test chambers Automotive applications

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VOC and formaldehyde emission test system, 1 test chamber, 1000 L, c/w measures and controls, for automotive applications, with integral FID analyser        

FULLY COMPLIANT to VDA 276:2005, Volkswagen PV3942:2016, ISO DIN 12219-4:2013, ISO DIN 12219-6:2013, BMW GS 97014-3, BMW GS 97014-2

with the following capabilities:

AUTOMATIC test cycles according to the mentioned standards

. VDA 276:2005

. Volkswagen PV3942:2016

. ISO DIN 12219-4:2013

. ISO DIN 12219-6:2013

. BMW GS 97014-3

. BMW GS 97014-2

AUTOMATIC test cycles according to standards for building products and furniture also included (ISO 16000-9, EN 16516, GEV testing methods…)

Thermal desorption cycle

Automatic system check before each test cycle

Automated FID calibration procedure with Step by Step calls for actions

Step by Step Calls for actions (insert specimen, sample air…) during pre-set automatic test cycles via mail and through clearly visible local messages

Test chamber door opening control interlocked with FID measure according to BMW GS 97014-3 standard

Fogging plate according to VDA 276:2005 Part 1

FID Analyser fully integrated in the system, managed though dedicated page on the touch screen PC panel

Safety interlock on test chamber door opening

Integral H2 detector interlocked with the system

Extremely compact system, FID analyser and chiller included inside system profile

Overall system dimensions approx.1216 W x 1810 D x 1357 H (mm)

Test chamber inner dimensions approx. 1000 W x 1000 D x 1000 H (mm)

Optional Clamping frame according to BMW GS 97014-3