Differential pH-ORP Electrodes

125 diff pH

Differential pH electrodes,  Mod.125

Differential pH electrodes designed for pH measurements in very difficult applications where standard pH electrodes cannot work because the reference electrode life would be too short as, for example,  those processes including fouling  or fatty substances that  would deposit on the reference electrode making the measurement impossible and processes containing substances that react with traditional reference electrodes destroying them, such as Hg++, Pb++, Cu++, ClO4-, Ag+, Br-, I-, CN-, S= ions.
These sensors are fully interchangeable with any other pH electrode and are suitable to be used with any pH meter and even with voltmeters and PLC.
An economically interesting solution is the use of these sensors in conjunction with our standard pH meter Mod.uP01, uPLT01, uP01R, TX01, TX-HMI 01.
The reference electrodes used in differential pH electrodes are not subject to the negative effect that stray currents have on inner metal electrodes of traditional reference electrodes.      In all these applications, where traditional pH electrodes would have a short life, the differential pH electrodes assure long term reliability with almost no maintenance requirements.
Mod.125 is a differential pH electrode, PP (Mod.125A1xx)  or PVDF (Mod.125A2xx) body, 40 mm diameter, 245 mm length,  suitable for immersion installation; it includes the threaded connection for the installation into Mod.SI0V immersion probe, available in various materials and different  lengths.
The measuring electrode has hemispheric glass membrane, the reference electrode is included inside the body and is immersed into the salt bridge,  separated from it by a glass membrane.   The large area porous diaphragm is made of PVDF.        The sensor includes the solution ground contact and the temperature sensor, Pt100, for temperature indication and for measure thermo compensation.         An electronic circuit included in the sensor and self powered by an integral battery (interchangeable) transforms the  signal from the electrodes into a standard, low impedance signal  ±500 mV (Mod.125AxAx)  or 0-1 V (Mod.125AxBx).
The electrode is supplied c/w  integral cable, the cable shield is connected to the metal sheath of the Pt100 temperature sensor so that connecting it to the ground of the instrument the solution in measure results grounded also (this is essential for the good operation of each analyser).
Operating temperature limits: 0-80 °C (PP) 0-100°C (PVDF)
Operating pressure limits:   5 bar @ ambient temperature
Cable:   integral,  5 m (Mod.125Axx1), 10 m (Mod.125Axx2), 15 m (Mod.125Axx3)
Differential pH electrodes  are designed for pH measurements in very difficult applications, such  as thepH measure in tanning process; pH control in harsh processes; pH measure in highly poisoning water, e.g. pH analysis in samples containing sulphides S=, silver ions Ag+, bromides Br-, iodides I-, Cyanides CN-, pH analysis in spring water containing sulphides.
The sensor has been succesfully used for pH analysis in tannery, pH measure in spa water with high temperature and high concentration of sulphides S=, pH analysis in spring water pools.