HD2307 -gb

Portable temperature meter


Portable temperature meter  Mod.HD2307
Portable temperature  meter, microprocessor based, suitable to be connected to a Pt100 (3 or 4 wires) and Pt1000 (2 wires) temperature sensor.
The instrument can cover with high accuracy a wide measuring range.
The display is  large area (52 x 42 mm) 2x4½ digit, LCD.
Power supply is from 3 batteries, 1,5 V, AA type, with 200 h average operation (alkaline batteries, 1800 mAh).  Battery charge level is shown on the display.
Temperature   probe connection is through a male 8 poles connector DIN45326.
HD2307 has water tight housing and membrane keyboard, IP67 protection degree, is therefore suitable for in field measurements.
Typical use of this portable meter  is the measure of temperature in liquids, air or at contact, according to the probe in use.