HD2306 -gb

Portable conductivity meter


Portable Conductivity/Resistivity meter Mod.HD2306
Mod.HD2306 is a portable instrument for conductivity, resistivity, TDS and temperature measurement.  It can be connected to 2 electrodes and 4 electrodes conductivity cells including integral temperature sensor (e.g. Mod.401P or Mod.401L).
The instrument can be calibrated with standard conductivity solutions,  147 mS/cm, 1413 mS/cm 12880 mS/cm and 111800 mS/cm.
The temperature sensor is automatically recognized at instrument power up.
The instrument  is characterized by advanced functionalities as  automatic measure thermocompensation, hold function, relative indication,  maximum, minumum and average value computation.  The automatic power off  can be disabled.
The instrument can cover with high accuracy a wide measuring range.
Measure thermocompensation is automatic, and temperature coefficient can be configured with any value inside the limits 0.00 to 4.00%/°C.  Reference temperature can be set at 20 °C or 25°C.
The instrument can be connected to conductivity cells with 10 cm, 1.43 cm, 1.0 cm, 0.1 cm cell constant. The ratio c/TDS can be freely set inside the limits 0.4 - 0.8.
A large area (52 x 42 mm) 2x4½ digit LCD display allows conductivity  (or resistivity or TDS) and temperature visualization.
Power supply is from 3 batteries, 1,5 V, AA type, with 200 h average operation (alkaline batteries, 1800 mAh).  Battery charge level is shown on the display.
Cell  connection is through a male 8 poles connector DIN45326.
HD2306 has water tight housing and membrane keyboard, IP67 protection degree, is therefore suitable for in field measurements.
Measuring ranges: Conductivity:    0-199.9 uS; 200-1999 uS; 2.00-19.99 mS; 20.0-199.9 mS;
Resistivity:4.0-199.9 Ohm; 200-999 Ohm; 1.00-19.99 kOhm;    20.0-99.9 kOhm; 100-999kOhm.
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) (ratio c/TDS = 0.5): 0-199.9 mg/l; 200-1999 mg/l; 2.00-19.99 g/l;
20.0-199.9 g/l (0.1 g/l)